Friday, June 30, 2006

Pecadillo's top 5 album covers

I was cleaning out the family attic this week, and I came across a few records that I feel should be made public as a cautionary tail of what happens when you mix extra cash and poor judgment.

This particular album is very close to my heart for two reasons; 1. I'm almost certain that England Dan changed my brake pads last month and 2. John Ford Coley has lived in a pup tent behind the local Burger King since I was a kid.

I find it odd that someone who's clearly never stepped foot out of the Ozarks could have "England" as a first name. I can only assume that England's namesake was the result of a bad combination of the Dan family's moonshine and a Roger Miller record or two. You have to respect a guy like England Dan though; despite his own obvious issues and social deficiencies, even he is uncomfortable around Big John Ford.

I can't decide what's worse; being in a band with your parents, or being the only fourteen year old with a comb-over.

I'll be honest, everything about this cover troubles me. Is "Country Church" the name of this band and this is their self-titled debut? Is that barn in the background their country church as well as their home? I need more information; these people fascinate me.

I always find it interesting when I see people dress alike on purpose, and this is no exception. Typically, only factory workers or a pair of six year old twins can get away with it... and again, this is no exception. I'm trying to imagine what was going through the minds of these guys while this picture was taken.

"Hey Cletus, I know that there un-E-form don't exactly fit but if you try to stand behind Maude, maybe people won't notice that you look like David Crosby in plaid midget clothes."

Yeah, that's probably how it went.

I don't know about you, but I want to see this family band in a cage match with the Country Church band. They're almost identical; both bands have matching uniforms; both opted to have their pictures taken in open, vacant fields. And they both have their own awkward, poorly kempt, powerhouse bass players in ill-fitting clothes from the children's department at Sears.

My money's on Al Davis here. Just look at that power stance.

One and only indeed. There is something very sad about a guy who thinks a leather jacket and a magnet ear-ring earns street cred. In his mind he's thinking, 'Fonzie' but in reality, this is the 'one and only' guy that got kicked out of Hansen for being too girly.

At first glance, it's easy to dismiss Hawkes as a 90 lbs, Clay Aiken knock off with a fake mole, but believe you me, you do not want to cross him or his Vespa gang.


Saturday, June 24, 2006

Pecadillo: the triumphant return

Monday, June 05, 2006

Coming Soon

Starting June 24th, the day after I graduate from the Los Angeles Police Academy, I Drank What? will return to the blogosphere with exciting new posts, products, and slightly more activity.

Be there!

Note: Any and all of my 4 readers are invited to attend the graduation ceremony to be held on June 23rd at 9:00 am (next to Dodger Stadium) on the eve of my return.

Los Angeles Police Academy
1880 North Academy Drive, Elysian Park
Los Angeles, California 90012